Zesty Pop Ups

We at Zest it Up Inc passionately believe that community is contagious and that the strength that comes from it is boundless. This strength is the kind that lifts up those who struggle and knits them more intricately into the fabric of our community. Those without a voice, are given a voice. Consequently, they find themselves diving deeper and calling more people out to connect and support local organizations that are making an impact in our little community, like Family Care Network, Inc.
Being in the event industry, the most natural way to call people together is with a party. However, the desire is to carry this passion for community through to the actual gathering. We are so very excited to announce our Zesty Pop Up dinners.

“Wait, what is a pop up dinner?” you may ask. Here is the long and the short of it: it is one of the newer food trends igniting all over the country. Essentially, it’s the creation of a pop-up restaurant in a unique space that–in our case–will be open for one night only. A pop-up dinner is a unique dining experience which lends itself beautifully to the enjoyment of fine food, adventure and the community that happens around the table. After all, when have you known the chatter of foodies and vinophiles around the table to not be electric and passionate? And add to all of this, the amazing support being given to the children, youth and families cared for by FCNI!