Handmade Striped Ceramic Utensil Holder

  • $40.00

We're always looking for new (and cute) ways to store kitchen tools. This handmade ceramic utensil holder is the perfect solution! It's cute, functional, and made by a real live human, not a machine. Major perk!

Each handmade ceramic utensil holder is designed and hand-crafted by FYK creative, owned by Central Coast native Faith Kenny. You can use this ceramic kitchen canister to hold wooden spoons, as a vase in your living space, or in your own unique zesty way! And since each one is handcrafted, your purchase is truly one-of-a-kind! 

This pottery utensil crock is the perfect Housewarming gift, Mother's Day gift, and even Pottery Gift! We hope this kitchen tool holder finds a special place in your home!

** Please note: all utensil holders look similar to those pictured, but your purchase may differ slightly in appearance due to handmade nature. **

-Size: 4" L X 4" W X 6" H
-Weight: 14.9 oz. - 1.2 lbs