Handmade Rock Climbing Chalk Bag

  • $30.00

This handmade rock climbing chalk bag is made with cotton and high quality linen and has a beige Africa shape on the front. The inside of the pink chalk bag has a soft grey fabric with white stripes and can be closed securely with an elastic drawstring. The green rock climbing chalk bag has a black silhouette of Africa on the front and brown soft fabric on the inside complete with an elastic drawstring. You won't want a rocking climbing adventure without this climbing gear! 

Each one of these chalk bags are hand sewn by a group of HIV positive women in Matopos, Zimbabwe, who use the sales of these products as a source of income for their town. A one-of-a-kind product for a good cause...What could be better?!?

This item works perfectly as a chalk bag (duh!), but it also makes a fun gift for adventurers or climbers! We hope this large chalk bag is with you on your next mountain climbing excursion!

-Size: 6" L X 6" W X 8.5" H
-Material: cotton, linen
-Weight: 1.8 oz
-outside color: pink and beige, or green and black
-inside color: grey with white stripes, or brown