Electronic Essential Oil Diffuser

  • $36.00

Get ready for the ultimate zen. This small but mighty electric essential oil diffuser does it all! It's like an aromatherapy light show. Because it's small and portable, we literally take it EVERYWHERE for an on-the-go relaxation session. Hotel room? No problem. Office? Easy. Car Humidifer? Sure! All you need is an outlet or USB plug and you're ready to get ze(n)sty. Create a zesty, aroma-filled environment with this "zested" aromatherapy humidifier. 

This portable diffuser would be the perfect gift for Boss's Day, a Housewarming Gift, or even a Mother's Day gift! The USB desktop diffuser makes it easy to plug into your computer while at the office and the outlet makes it versatile so you can even use it in your home!

*essential oils not included

-Size: 3" L X 4.5"W X 5" H
-Weight: 10.2 oz.
-Volume: 65 mL
-Specifications: LED lights, UltraSonic, electrical outlet connector, USB connector, color changing (blue, purple, red, green). three timed settings options: 30 minutes, 60 minutes & 120 minutes.