Meet the Zesters

Our story is a pretty funny one.  It includes a little dumpster diving, risk taking, and a TON of stories that make us tear up with laughter.

Five years ago, we were casual friends who just happened to be over a decade apart in age.  I was a wife and mama of three who had done the college thing years before my days of chasing around toddlers, while Sam was newly married and just about to graduate from Cal Poly.  At first glance, we appeared to be in two very different places in life, but in truth, we were two-peas-in-a-pod.  As wacky as it seems, our passion for creativity, vitality and community pulled us together like two jumbo magnets.

With my kids all reaching school age and Sam just finishing college, we wound up in exactly the same place in life: ready to start something new.  So, we met up over coffee and shared our ideas and passions (yep, the voices we used were loud and high pitched, y’all…excitement was in the air).  We were ready to stop pushing our “someday” wishes of to tomorrow. We were ready to make “Someday Today” our mantra. Almost immediately, Zest it Up was born.  We began our business with serious gumption.  Neither of us had a background in business, but we knew what we wanted to set out and accomplish.  We began small with writing our blog that we filled with DIY tutorials.  We wanted to educate and create!  So we pulled furniture from the side of the road and (yep) out of dumpsters, giving them new life as we sanded, glued, cut and refinished to our heart’s content. We then turned around and sold those pieces at consignment shops and poured that money back into our fledgling business.  Beginning our company in May 2012, we quickly transferred our creativity and taste to designing and catering weddings by that August.  I know, whiplash, right? Well, things were full steam ahead thanks to our wonderful little community of cheerleaders here on the Central Coast.

Our journey has been a blast, growing from those days of loading up “trash” into our truck for DIY makeovers to being a business of over 20 insanely wonderful employees who help us design and cater weddings all over the Central Coast of California.  And, you guys, did I mention that we have blogged tutorials everyday for five years! Crazytown!! No longer casual friends with similar passions, now we are sisters on a mission! Can you imagine a world where you get to play with your best friend everyday?  It’s true!  We get to live like a couple of grade schoolers.  70% of the time we show up to work in almost the same outfit, and forget about trying to follow along with one of our private convos.  We have a language all our own that includes half sentences and gestures that I cannot even begin to explain, but it works. Now, we are inviting you along for the ride.

With shop.zestitup we are stepping out into something new.  Inspired by the community that has developed around our DIY tutorials and our client’s hankering for all-things-zesty, we have decided to bring the aesthetic of Zest it Up to life through carefully curated designs for the everyday. For us, Zest has always been a lifestyle. It is beautiful, down-to-earth, and full of heart. Even better, we are stoked to be working with other amazing “lady-bosses” who are makers making their “Someday Today” happen. Let’s just say: our passion for creativity, vitality and community is fed! This is such a blast!!

Sam & Chanda