Meet Weavings By Alexa

Hey there! I’m Alexa Talbert, and I discovered weaving almost by accident. I was just looking for a cheap, easy, and fun DIY for an afternoon craft session with my sister-in-law, and I ended up finding a passion. I started with a makeshift loom made out of push-pins and a dollar-store bulletin board, and then graduated to a more sturdy loom that I crafted out of an old wooden picture frame and strategically-placed nails. My day job is actually as a mental health and substance abuse counselor in local middle schools, which is incredible but can also be emotionally tolling. I quickly realized that the act of weaving created space in my day for thinking, praying, or just plain resting. It calmed me and turned my focus to something both beautiful and messy, a reflection of my own life and the lives I work with every day.

I love that through art, I can support other makers and local businesses, from the yarn I use to the tools I buy. I now weave on a hand-made wooden loom (a real one now- although I still sometimes use my beloved nail & frame one!) with 100% natural fiber yarn, mostly bought from boutique shops along the Central Coast. My weavings are meant to enhance the space you have already created yourself, whether that’s a nursery, living room, bedroom, dorm room, or even Christmas tree! I hope that these weavings can bring you some of the warmth and comfort that I enjoyed in the process of making them.

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