GROUNDED: SLO 04.15.18
A Day Away to RESET for a Healthy Lifestyle

Set aside a day to invest in a bit of self-care in the midst of the hectic schedules of everyday life. GROUNDED: SLO is a day away to enjoy gorgeous farm-to-table cuisine while being educated and empowered by a DIY approach to life and health. Hosted by Zest it Up and Ferrigno FIT, GROUNDED is part workshop and part retreat for any of you looking to unwind and learn a few tips on mindful, healthy living.

The day has been designed to incorporate the beautiful surroundings of See Canyon Fruit Ranch in Avila, CA where the very nature of it’s seclusion creates a true unplugged environment. Home of a dry-farmed apple orchard and surrounding gardens established since 1894, this location is richly green and peaceful with only the sounds of the birds in the trees. The perfect mini-escape from the frantic modern lifestyle of deadlines, social media and emails.

yes…count me in!


Discover how to RESET your life and create lasting change through food, physical fitness, community, and education.

Be refreshed by a yoga class set amongst the trees led by one of four sensational yoga instructors joining us for the day

Enjoy vibrant and delicious farm-to-table cuisine for both brunch and lunner that highlight the seasonal eats from the Central Coast. Get ready to “eat your colors!”

Have fun empowering your DIY crafting side with a hands-on nature inspired project. Whether you identify as a creative or not, getting your hands dirty and focusing on one creative task will literally purge stress from your body!

Enjoy a Q&A sesh with Lifestyle FITamentalist, Shanna Ferrigno of Ferrigno Fit. Get a chance to be inspired to make change

One of nature’s best medicines is raw honey. Enjoy a talk with The California Bee Company’s beekeeper and learn the secrets of beekeeping and and take away knowledge of how this magical sweet treat feeds your body.

Get your swag on! Every GROUNDED guest gets to snatch up a grab bag full of goodies at a value of $100. Yep, there will even be a journal and pen to start taking action towards a healthy lifestyle.

Take time to be “grounded” with a nature walk that highlights native flora and fauna while taking in the sights, sounds, and fresh air.

Learn valuable insights into nutrition and how to feed your body while strengthening your immune system.

Discover the benefits of dry farming and just why “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” The best part? Tasting and learning about the 28 varieties of apples grown right on the farm!

Receive a fun Central Coast wine tasting map and free wine tasting at local wineries when you purchase your ticket. Make this a full weekend experience!

A day away from the hectic pace of modern life. This is a chance for men and women to come and unplug, while learning how to ground themselves in the midst of all of life’s demands. Let’s get together and discover how to improve our health and well being while enjoying farm-to-table cuisine and outdoor activities.

Anyone (yep, we mean couples, friends, relatives, ANYONE) who is looking for a chance to refresh mentally and physically while enjoying beautiful food and discovering more about personal health and fitness. This is a nonjudgmental space for learning and growing, while getting ready to put a plan into action.

– A full, happy belly!
– A day to focus on self care and learning in a beautiful environment.
– An action plan for RESETing your life.
– A DIY project that helps you RESET.
– A swag bag full of fun and helpful “gets” that make you say “YAASSSS!”

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Shanna Ferrigno, FITmentalist and Founder of Ferrigno FIT
Shanna has been a health and fitness educator for the past decade, and has helped balance thousands of people’s lives as a lifestyle coach. Traveling throughout the world, Shanna motivates her audiences everywhere she goes to take on the challenge of healthy living.
Daughter of the famed bodybuilder and actor, Lou Ferrigno, they created a very successful company known as Ferrigno FIT. A lifestyle brand that celebrates positive, healthy living with behavioral science, education, and entertainment to build personalized transformation programs aimed at helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.
From the journey of being an overweight kid to becoming a fitness and lifestyle coach, Shanna accumulated a lot of stories and experiences from clients to help them overcome their struggles with diet and exercise. After reflecting on these topics (as well as her own from childhood) Shanna was inspired and motivated to write The Reset Plan: Lose the Secrets, Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight.
Shanna delves into the psychological triggers of weight loss from guilt and shame to loneliness and other emotions that can set a person up for addiction and a constant battle with losing weight. Shanna helps her audiences recognize those triggers and helps them “RESET” cognitive patterns for successful weight loss and healing.
Shanna’s workshops and fitness programs in health, nutrition, and weight loss are brought to you with style, grace, and lots of humor that her audiences everywhere adore.

Samantha Nason & Chanda Brown, Founders of Zest it Up, Inc
Over the past five years, Samantha and Chanda have built a brand around living life to the fullest. Their passion is helping clients celebrate special moments, and empowering readers through their blog and freelance writing to live a life of DIY. After all, what is more empowering than learning how to take initiative in all areas of your life? Zest it Up wants to help you find the courage to live out a true zest for life!
Sam and Chanda’s “Do-It-Yourself” approach to nutrition and projects is done with the heart for improving the quality of lives. So often, the true needs for living a full, balanced life are put at the bottom of our priority list due to road blocks and difficulties. Whether it is your personal budget for home improvements stalling you out, or a lack of know-how in the area of nutrition and natural healing, Zest it Up wants to partner with you in learning how to tackle those problems.
As they balance family life as wives and moms with their roles as professional caterers, bloggers and entrepreneurs, Sam and Chanda have consistently stressed the importance of good nutrition and holistic living. They are so excited to partner with other like-minded professionals to create an environment for individuals to soak up and rebalance in the midst of the hectic schedules of the day to day of modern life.

Martha & Curt Van Inwegen, Founders of Life Elements, Inc.
Life Elements, Inc. was founded by Martha Van Inwegen. Together with her husband Curt, they create and produce pure, clean Performance Body Care out of their Central Coast location. The foundation for all Life Elements products is based on the fact that our skin is the single largest organ we have, and we should all care deeply about what we put IN and ON our bodies. From the award-winning Action Wipes, which is the only body wipe to carry the prestigious EWG VERIFIED™ Certification to the honey-based Healing Body Care, their products are literally a gift from nature to soothe, clean and protect your body. Everything Martha and Curt create is free from harmful chemicals, ethically sourced, cruelty-free and proudly made in the USA.
Joining us at GROUNDED:SLO, Martha and Curt will be sharing with us about natural health and what a difference ingredients make for us in our daily lives. They are excited to bring some holistic DIY know-how that can genuinely impact the health of both men and women. Their passion and knowledge is contagious! Get psyched to learn at GROUNDED by getting a sneak peek at their perspectives on their super informative BLOG full of awesome articles that empower anyone looking to improve their health.

Brittni Soo, Founder of Brittni Soo Wellness & Fitness Coaching
After years in the professional world, Brittni found her passion led her to become a yoga teacher & ayurvedic wellness counselor because of her lifelong passion for the art of yoga, fitness, nutrition and personal development. She is a full time 500 hr RY-T Yoga Teacher and also the creator of Power & Peace Yoga Teacher Training. She travels nationwide teaching workshops and teacher trainings Brit believes that yoga is the easiest way to build strength, balance and peace from the outside in. “Yoga is simply a metaphor for every other aspect of my life. My mantra is ‘let go and have fun’ and I truly believe that everything else will fall into place”.
You’ll leave Brittni’s class inspired and empowered to create the best version of you and create upward spiral of positivity to everyone around you.

Coffee bar, tea bar, explore See Canyon Fruit Ranch

Welcome Brunch:
Farm Fresh Brunch served by Zest it Up

Wellness Afternoon:
Yoga, Nature Walk, DIY Project, Apple Tasting, Healthy living coaching

Farm Fresh Dinner served by Zest it Up
Closing words
Drive home safely!

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See Canyon Fruit Ranch, 2345 See Canyon Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
We are thrilled to be holding the very first GROUNDED retreat at the gorgeous See Canyon Fruit Ranch. Nestled quietly in the hills that grace the coastlines near Avila Beach, this property and it’s proprietors are some of the true gems of the Central Coast.
Established in 1894, the ranch is home to over 20 varieties of apples and pears that are sustainably dry farmed in this beautiful micro-climate. Where apple trees are not growing, the natural creek that runs through the property makes giant sycamores, black walnut trees, and the like grow strong and tall.
Take a day to escape and refresh in a beautiful environment that is truly “unplugged.” With little to no signal, See Canyon Fruit Ranch allows you to be fully present and grounded. Finish the year and start off the busy holiday season with a moment dedicated to self-care and personal health.

Make GROUNDED: SLO a Weekend!
After purchasing your tix, we will send you a suggested itinerary to enjoy the Central Coast before unplugging and RESETing with us on Sunday. Best part? When you purchase your tickets, you will receive complimentary wine tastings sponsored by some of our favorite local wineries! We want you to truly take some time before the busy holidays, and pull away from the fast pace of your everyday. This is a time to fill up and refresh!

Mainly, just bring your lovely self! We have gotcha covered when it comes to delicious and nutritious eats. We will even have water provided, but you may want to bring your water bottle along, as we will be outside for most of the day.

Wear whatever makes you feel comfy, and definitely think layers. See Canyon Fruit Ranch enjoys those gorgeous coastal breezes, so light layers will help meet your varied temperature needs throughout the day. Just make sure that you can move in your chosen threads, because we aren’t just going to sit around. Remember that we have a one hour yoga session and a nature hike worked into our day together.

Absolutely! When you go to purchase your tickets, you will be prompted to answer a couple of basic questions. This is where y’all are going to let us know what your body tells YOU about yoga. Feel free to let us know if you are more into stretching, or if you want to challenge yourself a bit, or if you are ready to become a human pretzel! We are happy to accommodate your needs for this awesome chance to practice open air yoga amongst the trees!

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