Gold & Cork Bracelet

  • $50.00

This cork bracelet with gold magnetic clasp is the ultimate minimalist accessory. Each vegan bracelet has our very own Zesty motto, ”,” printed inside. It's a good reminder that instead of setting your dreams aside for "someday," make that! We love customized and unique gifts!

Cute, stylish, and environmentally friendly! These bracelets are designed by Geopetric that creates handcrafted, vegan, and cruelty free products! 

This boho bracelet will make the perfect Gift for Him when it comes to Valentine's Day Gifts! They are so versatile that we think even girls can rock it too!

-Weight for all sizes: 1 ounce
-Width for all sizes: .5"

-Small – 6.5" 
-Medium – 7"
-Large – 7.5"
(keep in mind these are the sizes of the bracelets so you want your wrist size to be smaller than the selected size.)

** If you don't see your size, please contact us and we can special order it for you!! **