Meet FOLD Santa Barbara.

My name is Viktoriya, and I am addicted to fabric. Linen fabric, to be specific. I love everything about linen—the texture, the ability to rock the wrinkles, the easy-breezy outlook on life, and the willingness to wipe everything off your face from benign crumbs to Sriracha—and still look good, even better, every time it gets washed. And, of course, the fact that it is 100% natural doesn’t hurt, either! FOLD is a portfolio of my work designed for all occasions that celebrate food and good times with friends and family, be it at the dinner table or on a picnic blanket. I also make things for the less celebrated times, like doing the dishes after the party is over.



Everything is hand-selected, hand-made, hand-printed, and pretty much hand-everything in Santa Barbara, from start to finish (unless otherwise noted). In all my work I study and honor traditional crafts to re-interpret them for the modern homes. Instead of “seasonal” colors and patterns, I use a spontaneous selection of found and hand-printed fabrics. I am equally inspired by the coastal landscape, the abundance of our farmers markets, vintage tableware, Matisse, and Ellsworth Kelly. And speaking of vintage tableware, I think it’s the stuff the hopes and dreams are made of.

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