Caesar Salad Appetizers in Parmesan Crisp/Frico Cones

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Savouring Saturday

So, last week I showed y’all a quick Caesar salad dressing that is addicting.  Today, why not crank it up a notch by playing with crisped parmesan.  Have you played with  making or serving frico?  Thanks to the gluten-free craze, even Costco is busting out these deliciously crunchy cheese morsels by the bag-full.  I love how delicious these are, and how crazy simple they are to make.  I make mine with one simple ingredient: parmesan.  They are amazing as a garnish for soups and a fancy touch to a salad, but I wanted to make them a star attraction.  So, I decided to shape them and make them into the perfect little receptacle for passing out some appetizer-sized caesar salad.  The result was AMAZING!

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Using 2 tablespoons of shredded parmesan, I made circular mounds of cheese on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Then, I simply baked them at 375F for about 6 minutes…..make sure to watch them, though.  You want them to crisp up, and start to brown.

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Traditionally, you would use a metal baking cone to help shape your frico…but I didn’t have one.  No worries!  Just a quick bit of problem solving had me grabbing a cardboard box from the pantry and shaping it into a cone with scissors and some tape.  Viola!

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Shaping them is easy, but you need to work quickly while they are hot.  I did learn that it is best if you use a spatula and grab one out of the oven at a time for shaping.  That way, the ones waiting will stay warm and shapeable while you work.  Next time I have a game plan!

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Oh, HELLO nutty, salty, and crispy cheese!!!

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Next, wanting to keep things tiny, I processed my croutons to create a dainty crouton dust for my mini salads.

homemade cheat caesar dressing_0020

Dressing some romaine heart leaves, I stuffed them into my cones and gave each one a good sprinkle of crouton dust.

homemade cheat caesar dressing_0021homemade cheat caesar dressing_0022

They turned out so stinkin’ cute!!  Crispy and delicious with every bite.

And, ummm, yep, I took it a step further by making this quick little display with a 2″X4″ and some copper wire….I couldn’t help myself.  These cuties needed a little “show-off.”  They didn’t last long, though.  Wayyyy too tempting!

Bon apetit!